Update: Monday morning, April 28th

We (I) made the decision to stay at the hotel in Ashland VA until Thursday morning until the weather clears up.  I am physically drained and need a rest day.  However, after one rest day (today/Monday), the weather forecast is very poor and civilization is sparse for the next 100 miles which is why we must stay at the hotel more than one extra day.  Linda is not happy that we are behind schedule.  Phil IS happy that he is going to get rejuvenated and that we are at a full-service hotel near many stores.  Linda is not happy about paying for 4 nights at the hotel!  My Mother-in-Law WILL be happy to know that we are NOT riding in the bad weather (I need some love because I am getting a hard time about the delay)!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for “Day 2 – Sunday April 27th” post and more updates!

15 thoughts on “Update: Monday morning, April 28th

  1. Don’t rush yourselves, it’s not to prove your endurance. You need to be healthy or you will not enjoy this trip. Okay, speaking as a mother, and I’m sure you have too many of them already. 🙂

  2. Oh my, after doing the TransAm myself, you have to get away from this schedule idea! The trip just doesn’t lend itself to a fixed schedule, where you have to be at a set destination each night. Weather, road conditions, bike maintenance, illness, aches and pains, exhaustion — or feeling particularly good — will alter the best-laid plans. Enjoy what comes along; the trip isn’t about getting to THIS destination on THIS night. It’s about enjoying the journey! (As you weather the weather, find that little coffee shop, one you would have missed if you hadn’t laid over.)

  3. Wise decision, Phil…. All in God’s timing and plans—-“Be still and know that I am God.” Love to you Linda, dear Goddaughter.

    Aunt Shirley

  4. Phil and Linda, Father in law says good decision. Do not hurt yourself early in the trip. Hugs Mom Ps: Remember all of this is a balance of rest and travel. Good luck to opposing forces!! Mom

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Good decision Phil!! Safety first. Linda, I saw this on a church sign one day….. “want to see God smile? Tell him YOUR plans!” Looking forward to more blogs and pix. MG

  6. When I first read of your decision to stay in VA and wait out the bad weather, two thoughts came to mind: 1. “A happy wife is a happy life.” 2. There’s that “extra wt.” factor dragging down the trip. But I slept on it and woke up knowing it was a better decision for several reasons. Linda was recently very sick and doesn’t need to become medically compromised again, esp. this early in the tour. And it is a bike tour, not a bike race, and I’m factoring in that Linda may bring up that it’s a race against time. You have all spring and summer to get to Oregon, but you could also turn back in Wyoming if need be. Nothing is set in stone, right? Spring is tornado season in the Midwest, and Oklahoma & Arkansas have been the first to attest to this. Sixteen people died and the town of Mayflower, 25mi. NW of Little Rock, Ark. was destroyed by tornadoes on Apr. 27 & 28. Interstate 40 was shut down due to debris and devastation. They were prying people out of their cars. Here’s a tweet warning per CNN: TORNADO EMERGENCY FOR THIDA AND OIL TROUGH! TORNADO 6 MILES NE OF STEPROCK MOVING NE AT 45 MPH! TAKE COVER NOW! #arwx Safety first. Enjoy the delay. Sent from my iPhone


  7. Enjoy the rest in your comfy hotel. Praying for you guys! Smart decision to keep safe. I know we were joking about tornadoes before you left. There was actually one on Sunday in Arkansas which did major damage! So be safe!

  8. Best of luck guys! Don’t beat yourself up about the extra day-all travel plans are flexible!
    Mary (Dan and Janet’s travel planner)

  9. Don’t be worried. Very often these things are a blessing in disguise. + 1) the money always balances itself out, 2) you cannot beat the weather – or it will be miserable, 3) enjoy the rests. Your body will be happy to repair itself, 4) you will get to the other end, even if you have to stay put in one place for a few days (you do not have a flight back to catch, right?) – Enjoy the journey and what comes along.

  10. I see you guys have wise, loving and faithful supporters. I’ve been praying God keeps you safe and enjoy the trip, I would say taking your time for now is the answer to that prayer. God bless you guys! Slow but steady like the tortoise 😉

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