Day 10: Monday, May 5th

When we woke up at the Cookie Lady’s house, we contemplated what to do.  We wanted to go somewhere with a shower.  Phil was also in no condition to bike up the mountain.  Phil felt slight improvement but not enough to ride.  We had noticed a couple phone numbers on a cabinet in the kitchen of individuals offering shuttle rides in the area.  Linda called both numbers and left messages.  Mr. DuBose Egleston, Jr., the “Yellow Truck” guy, returned her call.  He provides shuttles to hikers and cyclists with bikes from anywhere between Harper’s Ferry, WV to Roanoke, VA. for a very reasonable fee!  If you need a ride, call DuBose at 540-943-2138 or his cell at 540-487-6388.

Linda made arrangements for DuBose to pick us up and take us to the Royal Oak Resort & Cabins in Love, VA where we made reservations for the night.

2014-05-04 18.15.07

When he arrived we loaded our bikes and panniers into the truck and then headed to our cabin.  We arrived around noon and checked in plus got something to eat for lunch and for dinner and for breakfast the next morning.  They actually had uncured bacon from Trader Joe’s!!!  We also bought brown eggs and some cheese!

The stay at the cabin gave us both and especially Phil, energy to get back on the road Tuesday morning.




One thought on “Day 10: Monday, May 5th

  1. Following your blog. Glad to know how much detail is in your maps and on the bike route itself. prayers follow hugs mom

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