Day 13: Thursday, May 8th

Lexington, VA to Fincastle, VA


Up to this point we had not yet seen any other touring cyclists on our travels.  Today we met two very nice women also touring across America.

2014-05-08 09.50.052014-05-08 09.48.34

We stopped to stock up on Gatorade at a Mobil gas station/convenience store and got a picture of the tiger!

2014-05-08 10.29.50

Once we crossed the river into Buchanon, we made an immediate right turn and checked out Twin River Outfitters.  They offer canoe, kayak, and tube rentals and also sell gear and other stuff.  It was too hot to go floating down the river.

We then went across the street to the Copper Top Restaurant to get some lunch.  This place has excellent food, great service, and is a fun place too!

2014-05-08 12.41.392014-05-08 13.25.00

After lunch at the Copper Top we went up the street to the Burger King to upload photos and work on the blog.  The WiFi was extremely slooooooow!  Then we went back to the Copper Top to relax outside on their bench.  Shortly after, three women on motorcycles showed up and went inside.

A little while later, Phil went inside to use the restroom.  He was very tired and it showed.  As he came out of the restroom he heard the folks at the bar teasing and saying that we weren’t going to make it across America (it was all in good fun).  Phil engaged in conversation with ALL of the folks at the bar including the biker women.  Everyone had many questions about our trip so Phil got Linda from outside to help answer all the questions.

One of the questions asked was in reference to where we were heading next.  Linda said we were heading to Christiansburg.  Patty (next to Linda), one of the very nice biker women, lives in Christiansburg and offered us to stay with her for a night if we needed.  Thanks Patty!  We will let you know.

2014-05-08 18.11.06

We left Buchanon and headed for our stop for the night at Camp Bethel.  Once we arrived we quickly set up our tent before dark.  This place is a very nice facility!!!  Our site was a decent sized grassy area with electricity.  After setting up our tent we both got a hot shower in a very nice and WARM bath house!!!

2014-05-08 19.33.16




4 thoughts on “Day 13: Thursday, May 8th

  1. This is all very interesting stuff. I’m jealous of all the coffee shops and ice cream places you’re going to. It’s a nice escape to read about your adventures as we are knee deep in poopy diapers. It must be time consuming to keep up the blog, but know we’re enjoying reading all of your entries!

    S & J R

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