Day 22: Saturday, May 17th

Troutdale, VA to Rosedale, VA

Pretty sunrise in the morning

2014-05-17 06.08.09   2014-05-17 06.45.17

We all woke up to frost on our bikes!  Brrrr.

2014-05-17 06.23.48  2014-05-17 06.24.06

Melinda and Lisa left first intending to find a diner for breakfast.  The diner turned out to be in town in the opposite direction we all were going.

2014-05-17 07.08.51 2014-05-17 07.09.29

Too bad because the Pastor’s wife showed up with freshly scrambled eggs in the morning after Melinda, Lisa, and John had already left.

2014-05-17 07.42.45

On the way to Damascus:

2014-05-17 08.05.41

Annual “Trail Days” in Damascus:    Way cool event!

2014-05-17 10.59.08   2014-05-17 11.39.10   2014-05-17 12.14.53

Later we came to a Cafe in the town of Meadowview.  Phil was feeling very overtired and there was still a very huge mountain to climb along the remaining twenty miles or so.

A man approached Linda while Phil was using the restroom.  He mentioned that he has a nice loft for cyclists to stay in for a nominal fee.  He also asked the usual questions; “where are you heading?, how far did you ride?, etc.  Phil came out and met the man.  During the conversation Phil offered to pay him for a ride to the Church in Rosedale where we planned to stay for the night.    (Sorry, forgot your name?)

2014-05-17 14.52.07


The man accepted the offer but first had to drive home with his tractor and get his pickup truck!  Too funny!

He came back fifteen minutes later as promised and drove us to the Church twenty or so miles away.

2014-05-18 06.43.44 2014-05-18 06.43.21


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