Day 56: Friday, June 20th

Newton, KS to Hutchinson, KS

We enjoyed our time at the Newton Bike Shop, but we were tired from all the excitement.  Due to a detour, James suggested we just take route 50 instead of maneuvering around the detour, as there were more towns that way and a large shoulder.

We were happy we did as we came upon a town exactly when we needed one.  There was a convenience store we stopped at and cooled off and ate  some lunch.  While we’re there we got to read the local newspaper and remember our time we just had in Newton, KS.

2014-06-20 15.19.17

We also figured out that we were crossing Kansas right in the middle of the wheat harvest.  We had a lot of combines pass us on the road.

2014-06-20 17.31.25



We eventually continued on our way and finally made it to Hutchinson, KS.  We went passed the Underground Salt Museum, but it had just closed for the day.  We were a little disappointed.

2014-06-20 17.54.132014-06-20 17.51.45

Hutchinson is a more populated town and even had a mall.  We found an Olive Garden on the way to the hotel and felt like that was a big treat.

2014-06-20 20.01.35

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