Day 61: Wednesday, June 25th

Ness City, KS to Dighton, KS

We left Ness City (again) still relatively late.  We made it to Dighton, KS around mid-day.  The first place we found was a dairy bar and we met some great folks there.  We spent some time there in the shade and then got directions to the city park/pool.

2014-06-25 12.43.04  2014-06-25 13.22.58

Phil really wanted to go swimming at this point and it didn’t take too much to convince Linda.  We had a nice time at the pool it cooled us off quite a bit.  We checked out the park for good camping spots and there were a few nice pavilions to camp under.  We were just worried about staying there due to our previous experiences with city parks.  We went back to town again for some more food and check out our other lodging options.  We decided it was a little late in the day to continue on to the next town.

We found out that the only hotel was booked due to the harvesters in town.  We also asked the woman who owned the dairy bar if we could camp in her yard.  She said that would be fine and she lived conviently right next door.  She had lived in Dighton her whole life and loved it there.  She had worked at the dairy bar when she was younger and now she owned it.    Linda then went back to the pool before they closed to take a shower.

It started to get late and the bugs were starting to come out.  We realized it might be more quiet in the park due to her property being on a major road so we thanked her and left for the park.  We set up our tent right under the pavilion and we knew there was a slight possibility of a storm overnight.

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