Day 65: Sunday, June 29th

Sheridan Lake, CO to Eads, CO

We slept in and Phil really wanted to stay for church.  We knew, however, this would mean we would not get on the road until the heat of the day.  The pastor said he would probably be able to find a ride for us to Eads if we wanted to stay.  We had not been to church since Virginia and we felt church would do us good.  So we stayed for bible study and worship service.  It really lifted our spirits.

2014-06-29 10.53.10 2014-06-29 12.41.35 Victoria and her brother.

After service, we were told they found someone to give us a ride to Eads.  Phil was thrilled as he was still feeling very tired and was not up to biking 30 miles in the heat.

When we got to Eads, we got lunch at a local restaurant, although the food was not really that great.  In fact, it was awful.  Right next door was a very run down motel and our other option for lodging was the city park.  However, the temperatures were in the upper 90s.  We did not feel like staying in the park.

As we sat in the restaurant, Phil spotted the Adventure cycling van for the supported tour.  Phil then went next door to the convenience store to talk with some of the riders.  The riders said they were staying at the hotel behind the store.  We had not even seen this hotel because it was hidden behind the convenience store.  It had not been on any of the maps because it had just opened in March.  It was a hallelujah moment.  We stayed there and had some great conversation with some of the adventure cycling leaders.

The hotel provided us with the rest we needed to keep going.


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