Day 71: Saturday, July 5th

Guffey, CO to Colorado Springs, CO

We were told by the locals that the place get breakfast was “Rolling Thunder Cloud Cafe.”  We were the first in line for breakfast, as they did not open till 8:00.  It was busy with a lot of the 4th of july partiers from the night before started rolling in.  Linda was extremely impressed when she tried to give the waitress her gluten free bread to use for her breakfast sandwich and she replied, “Oh, I can toast your bread, but we also have gluten free bread here too.”  A cafe in the middle of no where had gluten-free bread.  We met some people who were still amazed at what we had done, even though we told them we were done and so many people were better then us.  They reminded us that not that many people bike across the country or even attempt to do it.

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It was there that we met Tim and Sandy Rucker.  Sandy volunteered to take us to Colorado Springs, CO which was an hour and a half drive.  She just need to go and get the truck after breakfast.  We waited and she picked us up at the cafe.  We had a wonderful ride with her, discussing how she lived higher than Guffey, CO and how they loved where they lived.  She told us all sorts of information about the area.

She dropped us off at the nearest Enterprise Car Rental and waited to make sure we got a car.  They did not have one available, so she took us to a second rental car place.  The second Enterprise Car Rental had a vehicle but the company has a stupid policy not allowing debit cards for those with out of state licenses.  Enterprise will be getting a call.  She then took us to Hertz and they did not have any cars available either.  We apologized to Sandy, but she was such a saint.  We had planned on getting a hotel anyway before driving up to Laramie, so we just asked her to drive us to a hotel, which ended up being the Best Western.  We then said our goodbyes and exchanged phone numbers.  We were told the only thing we owed her was a visit.  And we will be visiting.

Once in the hotel, we had to wait a while until the room was ready, as it was only 1pm and check in was at 3:00.  We tried to access the internet on their buisness center computer, but it would just not work.  Someone apparently was hogging up the Wifi and internet.  While we were waiting a pizza delivery person came to the front desk and delivered Pizza.  Phil asked her if they had gluten free pizza and she replied “yes.” We knew what dinner was going to be.  The room ended up being ready before 3:00, but the internet still would not work.  Linda ended up tethering her phone for internet so we could figure out how we were getting to Laramie.  We were able to reserve a 1 way u-haul and reserved a taxi for the next morning to pick it up.  All-in-all the uhaul was around the same price as renting a car and we had it for 2 full days.

We relaxed the rest of the night and were excited to get to Laramie.



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