About Us

This past December, Phillip graduated Summa Cum Laude from Montgomery County Community College in Pennsylvania with an Associates Degree in Accounting.

Linda has been working as a Registered Dietician for 7 years and is ready to begin working toward completing a Master’s Degree in her field.  Linda researched many Universities and we chose the University of Wyoming!  Phillip will work towards completing a Bachelor’s Degree at the University.

We decided that life is too short to not do something completely epic.  So before we begin coursework we decided to bicycle across America!  We left from Yorktown, VA on Saturday April 26th to bicycle to Florence, OR following the Adventure Cycling Association’s 4,233 mile TransAmerica Trail.    ***** We ended our trip in Guffy Colorado on July 4th and we plan to finish the remaining portion another summer! *******

Please feel free to contact us at safecyclist1@gmail.com


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Phil and Linda!! Best wishes from UW!! It was great meeting you two and we’re looking forward to having you in Wyoming… After this crazy adventure of yours!!

  2. Hi Phil and Linda – we ran into both of you on the Perkiomen Trail earlier today and my wife, Marie, and I just want to wish you Godspeed on your journey. This will be an epic adventure, one that many talk about but few get to do – enjoy and be safe.

    Rodney & Marie Shute

  3. Hey Phil and Linda – Have a safe ride! We’ll be thinking of you as you trek cross country and check in on here from time to time. We will be praying for safety and strength! Take care.

  4. Good luck with your journey. We will be reading your posts to see how you sojourners make out. (We met you both at the Court House Grill in Charles City, VA on Day 1.)

  5. Hello!
    Our paths crossed today at the little market at the top of the hill in Draper,VA. They had Muscle Milk and we had Leon the Leonberger. We plan to follow you on your journey and keep you in our prayers.
    Truly Epic Indeed!
    Tommy, Cid and Leon (woof)
    On our way home to Virginia Beach

  6. Well I’m finally joining your “following”. I miss you both and I’m so glad you are getting to petal across the USA. Things here in Rofo are about the same! I think about you especially when it rains!!

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