Weekend Bike Tour: A Portion of the C&O Canal Trail

2013-08-31 09.07.44

To begin practicing and preparing for our cross-country bicycle trip, we went on a mini bike-touring trip along the C&O Canal Trail in August.  We drove to and camped here at Antietam Creek Campground for the night.  In the morning we packed up our gear and headed out.  There was beautiful scenery along the way including the train tunnel at Harpers Ferry and the big mountain that it is carved into.  We went swimming in the Potomac River.  We bicycled to Whites Ferry where we set up camp for the second night and then biked back  the next day.

One thought on “Weekend Bike Tour: A Portion of the C&O Canal Trail

  1. Ahhhh . . . such an experience. I did the TransAm with Adventure Cycling (self-contained) in 2012, starting in Yorktown, VA, and finishing in Florence, OR, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I recognize your panniers . . . and same as the ones I used (they’re very good, water tight). I’ll look forward to following your trip via your blog! . . . – Russ

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