Pack Job #1

So I might be getting a little over-excited about our trip. I decided I wanted to pack everything up to see how and where everything fits best, etc, etc. We’re actually trying to decide whether we can do without the BOB trailer or not. So far things are looking a little snug, so we’re debating getting a “rack pack” that would fit over the back rack and panniers. We also have a few items that we might be able to do without or make smaller. Decisions decisions. ~Linda
2014-01-20 17.00.51

One thought on “Pack Job #1

  1. Well done guys, it’s not crazy and it’ll be a great adventure, albeit with some ….’speed humps’…… dropped in to make it interesting 🙂

    Re your gear; if you take the trailer, keep only your lightest gear in it so you keep the weight of it as low as possible, towing high weight equates to high energy consumption. If you’re good…’ll get the total gear weight per person, down to sub 25, even sub 23 Kg’s, yes…it is possible. Each back pannier will weigh, max, ~6Kg and each front pannier will weigh, max, ~ 5 Kg, tent and sleeping bags will be in the trailer, sleeping mats will be on the rear rack. If you tow the trailer, make sure you always carry a little weight in the front panniers, max 10 Kg total, this helps balance the whole unit, quite important when doing slow maneuvers and pushing. Don’t stress over gear lists, take what works for you but, as I say, don’t overdo it. Try and think of it as going on a hike, and you’re carrying it in a backpack. Don’t stress about where things go to the inth degree, this’ll work itself out in the first 3 / 4 days. Make sure you drink enough water, rehydrate at night and, if possible, get some decent Hypotonic rehydration solution, Hypotonic is important. Don’t be adverse to doing 2 days, have a rest day, do 4 days, rest, do 6/7 days, rest, then you’re well on your way. Have days off as required after that. Days off, on a long tour, must also be for mental recuperation due to hills, head winds, rain, traffic etc. Head winds are the most demoralizing for the majority of people, they can be totally unrelenting and one simply can’t see the end of them, and unlike hills there is no reward on the other side. If one of you wants to ‘Motel’ it on the odd occasion, the other should aquit to it, it can be a delightful thing….a hot shower…a soft bed…… 🙂

    And there you go….may you be bitten by the ‘Bike touring bug’….and may the wind be on your back………you’ll be the envy of every other bike tourer in the world if it is…..enjoy.

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