Day 17: Monday May 12th

Radford VA, to Max Meadows VA

Linda got a treat Monday morning.  Janet made gluten-full AND gluten-free pancakes!  We also had fresh fruit as well!  Yummy.

2014-05-12 06.52.58 2014-05-12 06.53.14 2014-05-12 06.56.16 2014-05-11 19.40.32 2014-05-14 18.25.33 (1)

After breakfast we departed and Chuck rode with us for a few miles starting out.  We biked along a scenic path along the river and through some parks and parts of the University.

We eventually came to and stopped at a CVS to get some supplies.  Then we headed for Max Meadows.

On the way we passed a tiny house for sale!

2014-05-12 08.40.59 2014-05-12 08.39.54

We got to Draper, Va and Phil was feeling pretty overheated.  We stopped at a convenience store to cool off and we also found a protein drink that Linda approved.  We hung out for a while but there was not really anywhere to sit and relax so we went on our way.

2014-05-12 13.34.22

Just about a mile down the road we came upon a multi-use trailhead along side our route.  There was a covered area with a picnic table and it was a nice place to lay in the shade and cool off so we rested there for a while as well.  Plus there was a country store across the street.

2014-05-12 16.34.192014-05-14 18.24.55

Around 5:00 pm the heat finally subsided and we headed down the trail a bit and came to this beautiful bridge over the river and we wanted to get a picture.  Phil went to grab his phone and realized that he left it at the BP station about a mile and a half up the road.  So we went back, got the phone, once again headed to the bridge, and then took the pictures.  The trail bridge is very high above the ground!

2014-05-12 17.58.23 2014-05-12 17.56.25

We arrived at Max Meadows late in the evening and decided to get a hotel instead of a warmshowers host.  We got to the Comfort Inn, unpacked, and then biked a half mile to the Denny’s at the Flying J Travel Center.

2014-05-12 20.35.14 2014-05-12 20.35.41 2014-05-12 20.36.00


Then we headed back to our room and went to bed.

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