Day 18: Tuesday May 13th

Max Meadows, VA to Wytheville, VA

We slept in Tuesday morning and then ate the free breakfast at the hotel.  We left around 10am and it was already hot and humid.  We later regretted leaving due to the heat, but we both wanted to get some miles in.

Our ride between Max Meadows and Wytheville was very scenic and mostly uphill.

2014-05-13 11.06.03  2014-05-13 11.49.53 

Just before coming into Wytheville we crossed over I-81 and I-77.

2014-05-13 12.06.18

Once we got to Wytheville, we checked in at the community center, as they let you camp in the city park.  We were able to get a shower and by then it was very, very hot and the park we were supposed to camp in was still 2 miles away.  We kept cool for a while at the community center, before riding to the park to settle in for the night.

2014-05-13 13.14.42

On our way to the park, we came across Mike, also riding across the country.  He was headed to the Comfort Suites.  Phil felt that was a good idea, so we turned around and went there as well.  We were very hot and tired and wanted a shower which the park accommodations did not have and we needed some quality rest.

After we had all checked in and got settled,  Phil emailed Mike to see if he wanted to go to dinner somewhere.  Phil then started calling around for massage therapists in the area.  No one seemed to have an opening.

We rested up a bit before heading out for dinner.  Just as we were about to head out, Mike called and suggested that we go to the historic “Log House” as he had read about it on other blogs.

We ordered drinks first and Mike kicked back with some of his favorite beer and Linda had a glass of organic Merlot.

The food was delicious.

1776 rest 1776_paul_linda_food

2014-05-13 18.02.50

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