Day 25 & 26: Tuesday, May 20th to Wednesday, May 21st

Hindman, KY to Hazard, KY

Our host David had prepared a wonderful breakfast for all twenty or so cyclists that had stayed the night!

2014-05-20 06.35.50  2014-05-20 06.35.09 2014-05-20 06.34.50   2014-05-20 06.34.38

David had got very little sleep in the last few days so we helped him clean up after breakfast which he appreciated.  We were the last to leave the Historical Society in the morning.  It was only a 20 mile ride to Hazard but the temperature was high by the time we got started.

As we came upon the outskirts of town we saw a McDonald’s and stopped to rest and cool off.  We enjoyed listening to the Christian radio station that they had on while we shared a milkshake.

Then we headed to our hotel for the night which was just a few miles away.  There was a grocery store and an Applebee’s right across the parking lot.

We took a rest day in Hazard. We needed it.


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