Day 28: Friday, May 23rd

Buckhorn, KY to McKee, KY

After we left the campground we ate breakfast at the same place we stopped for lunch the previous day.


Phil getting a quick haircut in Booneville

20140603-094929-35369782.jpg   2014-05-23 11.04.35

20140603-094931-35371257.jpg 20140603-094932-35372646.jpg



We met a couple from San Francisco traveling eastbound.



“It-z Bit-z Biker Break” before climbing a big hill

20140603-095033-35433539.jpg2014-05-23 13.31.29



We stopped for dinner at the Hometown Market before checking into a motel in McKee.  They have really good food here!

20140603-095034-35434871.jpg  20140603-095036-35436458.jpg


A few miles back we passed a hand made sign that was nailed to a tree next to a mailbox.  The sign stated how far it was to Berea and San Francisco.  We neglected to stop and take a picture of the sign.

Ironically, we met this man at the restaurant.  He is the brother of the man whose house we passed with the sign at the mailbox.  Small town.





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