Day 29 and 30: Saturday May 24th to Sunday May 25th

McKee, KY to Berea, KY

Big Hill KY Welcome Center:  We happened to show up during the Grand Opening of the Welcome Center.  They had artists displaying and selling their crafts as well.  A very nice woman and one of the artisans, Devonna Hisel, gave Linda one of her handmade sewing needle cushions as a gift.



As we approached Berea, we were walking our bikes on the sidewalk up the hill into town.  We struck up a conversation with a gentleman having a yard sale.  We told him that we were biking across America and gave him one of our cards.  He asked if we were looking for sponsors.  We said we were doing the ride for fun and did not need sponsors.  The very nice man gave us a donation anyway and we were blown away.  His thoughtfulness and generosity was very appreciated!


Before heading to the campground where we were staying the night, we stopped at the shops next to the Boone Tavern Hotel in town.  Linda got some fudge and then we went to the Berea Coffee and Tea shop and got some lunch.  They even had gluten-free bread so Linda could get a sandwich too!

When we arrived at the campground, we noticed some kind of swinging contraption thing set up in the field.  We learned that a family circus called the Kent Family Magic Circus stays there in between gigs.  We met most of the family and got to see the young girls practicing on the silk.  Check them out at




We had a visitor at our campsite, A.K.A the pavillion.




On Sunday our very good friend Linder came to see us at the campground!  We hungout for a bit and had lunch.  It was so nice to see you Linder!!!!



One thought on “Day 29 and 30: Saturday May 24th to Sunday May 25th

  1. I’m really enjoying reading about your travels and experiences. Thanks for posting.
    From a Surly rider.

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