One thought on “Day 31: Monday, May 26th

  1. Dear Linda & Phil: have posted to your blog a couple of times, but am trying this approach instead. Love the content of your blog, and when you don’t post updates and pics right away, I truly miss them. It reads like a good book with chapters that are sometimes shorter than I wish. Since I am not as adventuresome, and did not ever have the op for hubby and I to travel at length alone, am traveling through both of you as I do with my children. You are my eyes and ears, my taste buds and sense of smell. It is so neat to see the states through the back door, like the Rick Steves’ show “Europe through the Back Door.” You are showing us all the neat side attractions and the beauty of our country. Thank you. May you have continued good weather. Stay safe and keep smiling. You both look happy and very fit. Keep on biking and blogging. Fondly, Genevieve

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