Day 32: Tuesday, May 27th

Burgin, KY to Springfield, KY

We stopped for breakfast after a brief ride from the campground.



This shop is across the street from the restaurant.

20140603-111201-40321261.jpg  20140603-111203-40323059.jpg


Later we saw a Coca Cola fridge on a porch and thought it was a store but there was no sign.  It turns out that it is more of a locals kinda store.

2014-05-27 10.56.27 2014-05-27 10.57.35 2014-05-27 10.58.41


We arrived at Lincoln Homestead State park and found ourselves with little real food.  We asked a man mowing the lawn if there was a convience store near by or any place with food.  He recommended checking at the Lincoln Homestead Golf Course Pro Shop just up the road.  They had prepared sandwiches, candy bars and ice-cream!  They had bathrooms and cold showers as well.  Linda took a cold shower while Phil opted for a wash cloth shower.  We then rested in their employee break room waiting for the heat of the day to pass.  There was a storm brewing so after a few hours we decided to bike back down to the park and tent under the pavilion.

2014-05-28 07.39.32 2014-05-28 07.40.45 2014-05-28 07.43.01 2014-05-28 07.43.38 2014-05-28 07.43.49

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