Day 33: Wednesday, May 28th

Springfield, KY to Falls of Rough, KY


We had an interesting night camping in the park.  Earlier that day a family had a picnic at the pavillion and all night long a few raccoons were helping themselves to the leftovers.  We woke up early and wished each other a Happy Anniversary before getting on the road again.

We arrived in Bardstown, KY and found the closest breakfast place to eat.  Some of the staff were talking about this “Falls of Rough” river they had been tubing on over the weekend.  Phil really wanted to go swimming.  We were still a couple of days away and we were feeling pretty tired from the heat.

We started brainstorming some ideas of what to do for our anniversary.  We decided being hot, sweaty and miserable would be the wrong way to go.  Linda looked up rental car facilities and found an Enterprise Rent-A-Car facility right in Bardstown.  We quickly developed a plan to rent a vehicle in Bardstown and drop it off the next day in Owensboro, KY.  This idea had a few benefits.  Phil had some issues with his shoes and pedals and his new shoes were waiting for us at a post office in Whitesville in between Bardstown and Owensboro.  Plus, Owensboro had a bike shop where we could get Phil’s pedals removed and the new pedals installed and get tune-ups as well.

We arrived at Enterprise and they hooked us up with a cargo van and for anniversary special pricing!  The cargo van was huge and fit the bikes and all of our gear easy!

2014-05-28 11.57.59

After we got on our way, our first stop was Lincoln’s Birthplace.  We found out that the birthplace is legit, but the actual log cabin structure could not have been the birthplace of Lincoln because they did testing on the logs and they were to young to be Lincoln’s log cabin.

2014-05-28 13.24.26 2014-05-28 13.27.48 2014-05-28 13.30.08 2014-05-28 13.30.35

The cave and spring where the Lincoln family got their water.  It was very cool down there.

2014-05-28 13.35.02


By the time we arrived at the town of Falls Of Rough were hungry for lunch.  About a hundred yards off route was Little Dave’s restaurant.  We met two young women there who were doing a two week bicycle tour.  While we were there we asked the staff about the different campgrounds and lodging options in the area.  They recommended Axtel Campground.  Since we had the rental van we decided to drive around the lake after lunch and check out all the campgrounds.  We decided on Axtel Campground.

The private campground had a nice beach area and Linda was very happy to go for a little swim.

2014-05-29 05.39.26 2014-05-29 06.04.38

After cooling off at the beach and getting showers we headed back to Little Dave’s for dinner and to work on our blog since they had WiFi.  We also washed our laundry across the street at the laundromat.  We stayed until the restaurant closed and then headed back to the campground.

We set up our bed in the van instead of getting out our tent!  It was nice to have the Cargo Van.  We had a wonderful anniversary.

2014-05-28 20.45.12

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