Day 45: Monday, June 9th

Centerville, MO to Eminence, MO

We were told that between Ellington, MO and Eminence, MO would be the hardest part of the Ozarks from what we heard from cyclists riding east.  We would hit Ellington that day and planned to end in Eminence.  We started out and while it was mountainous and steep at times, it was nothing compared to the steep grades in Virginia and Kentucky.  However, it was a taxing day completing almost 40 miles in that type of terrain.  The best part by far of the Ozarks was the long down hill roller coaster hills.  Linda was able to clock 42 mph.  Phil beat her out by 2 mph at 44 mph.  We had intermittent rain all day and at times it was heavy.

We were beginning to feel as if the hills would never end when on a down hill we saw a sign for cabins for rent!  We were ready to stop for the day as it was starting to get later in the day and the rain was continuing to fall.  Melinda and Lisa were behind us so before renting a cabin that could sleep 2-4 people, we decided to consider them as well.

2014-06-09 17.21.31  2014-06-10 07.15.58

Once they arrived, they decided they would rather get to town then stop, it was only another 7 miles.  Phil debated for a while what we should do.  He wanted to be able to get breakfast in the morning and we were in the middle of nowhere.  A compromise was made and we stayed in the cabin and included in the price was a ride 7 miles into town by the owner so Phil could get breakfast.

We settled in for the night.  Linda cooked dinner in the stove and then went in to relax.  We both laid down around 7pm and fell asleep until 10pm.  Linda got up then to do some housekeeping for about an hour and then fell back to sleep and slept through the night.  We were tired.

2014-06-09 17.27.35

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