Day 58: Sunday, June 22nd

Nickerson, KS to Larned, KS

Today we knew once we left Nickerson there would be no services for 60 miles.  We started off stocking up at the convenience store and ate some breakfast there.

We biked through a lot of wheat fields and with it being harvest time, we had a lot of trucks pass us carrying large farm equipment or hauling wheat.  We passed through Quivira National Wildlife Refuge but did not see much wildlife.  We stopped periodically to eat and drink.

As we approached Larned, we came across our first feed yard.  The smell was awful.

2014-06-22 13.24.47


We got into Larned, KS all we wanted to do was get some real food.  There were really only fast food restaurants in town.  Phil wanted Pizza Hut and Linda wanted Wendy’s.  Luckily they were directly across the street from each other.  Linda went and got a nice strawberry salad at Wendy’s with a Strawberry shake and large cup of ice water.  Phil got some pizza.

We then went to check out the city park which had a nice pool.  We could camp there, but as we spoke with one of the locals we found out that Thunderstorms and 60 mph winds were going to come through that night.  We decided the local motel was a better option.  On our way back to the hotel we came across this interesting landmark.

2014-06-22 15.43.36 2014-06-22 15.43.31


We check into the hotel and showered.  We found out that the laundromat was not even 2 blocks away and got our laundry done before it started to storm.  The storm did come and the thunder vibrated the motel room we stayed in.  We were glad to be inside.

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