Day 37: Sunday, June 1st

Cave-in-Rock, IL to Eddyville, IL


The restaurants in Cave-In-Rock were closed so we planned to stop in Elizabethtown to get breakfast.

We had been told by a couple whom we met on Saturday at the Cafe in Cave-In-Rock that they had a bicycle rest stop in front of their house about seven miles down the road. We stopped to rest and fill up our water bottles.  Their dog was friendly too!


2014-06-01 08.01.17  2014-06-01 08.11.30   2014-06-01 08.05.102014-06-01 08.04.50 2014-06-01 08.04.312014-06-01 08.04.26  2014-06-01 08.04.06

Elizabethtown was right next to the Ohio River and had some nice views.  We ate at a great diner in town.

2014-06-01 08.28.18

We continued down the road and eventually Philipp caught up with us.  The sky was looking more like it might lose its hold on the stored water that was calling itself home in the heavy clouds.  As we got closer to Eddyville we got caught in the rain and saw lightning, so we took shelter under someone’s car port.

After the weather cleared, we continued the mile or so we had to go to Eddyville and turned into the first convenience store we found.  There we ate and decided what we should do.  We were all tired from the terrain that day and we weren’t quite sure what the weather was going to do.  As we went out to leave the store, it started to downpour.

2014-06-01 15.16.38

One of the locals told us that there was a Community Center a block away that had a pavilion and that cyclists sometimes stay there.  We decided to check it out.

2014-06-03 17.19.41


After we arrived at the pavillion, Philipp went and knocked on some doors around the Community Center and was told by one neighbor to talk to the Mayor whom lived right behind the Community Center.  He then walked over to the Mayors house and knocked on his door.  The Mayor came over on his golf cart and unlocked the facility for us to use for the night.

However, when there was a break in the bad weather we got back on our bikes in search of something with more ammenities.  We found the Hayes Canyon RV Park & Campground which offered lodging.  They also had a laundry facility which we needed.  Hayes Canyon Campground is primarily used by folks whom bring horses with them to use the trails in the area.

We checked in at the office/camp store when we arrived.  We were offered a choice between a cabin or an RV.  We all thought it would be cool to stay in the RV plus Phillipp would have his own private room.

Soon after checking in, we were greeted by the camp owner’s little girl who saw our bikes and instantly got super excited.  She ran into their home which was attached to the office and soon emerged with kiwis for us.  Her younger brother joined in the fun too and also brought us each one piece of fruit!

Their mother whom checked us in, told us that her children get very excited to see touring cyclists and always bring them whatever fresh fruit they have on hand upon arrival.  We each got two pieces of fresh kiwi fruit, one from each child!


2014-06-01 17.56.37  2014-06-01 19.50.39  2014-06-01 19.50.16

We were able to do laundry and take our showers.  We then cooked some dinner and got ready for bed.  It had been a tiring day.

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