Bike tour update

We have decided to end Part 1 of our two-summer cross-country bike tour in Guffy Colorado because we were having a hard time adjusting to the altitude change.

Another reason for ending sooner than we planned is because of our slow pace and we were going to run out of time before we had to be at UW.

With this being our first real bicycle tour, we’ve learned a heck of a lot.

As a two-time cancer survivor, Phil feels good about our trip and looks forward to finishing the rest of the TransAm another summer!

All of the touring cyclists that we met along the way were super cool folks and we look forward to meeting lots more cool folks when we continue the TransAm another summer.  We truly appreciate everyone that we met along the way!!!

Thank you to everyone we crossed paths with 🙂

Phil & Linda

3 thoughts on “Bike tour update

  1. Sad to hear about the end but understand the issues at hand. .. I must congratulate both of you on such a great accomplishment thus far….. Hope all goes well in the future for both of you. … Look forward to hearing from Linda from time to time with updates on school and life progressions along the way. .. Am definitely missing your humorous attitude in the torturous present at Parkhouse. .. Take Care… Gift Shop Shirley. … .

  2. Am going to miss your blogs! Am glad you both made it as far as you did. How did/are you getting to Wyoming?

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